Chief Bike engineer (well he was really a super grandpa and tinkerer), Jeff Gaudynski set out on a simple mission – to create a bike that teaches kids to ride in the most fun and independent way. After all, what’s the best part of learning to ride a bike, but to be able to ride on your own.

The idea behind Dually Bikes started the summer of 2014. Jeff set out to teach his grandson how to ride a bike. The little guy did his best to keep the 12-inch bike balanced but every time he turned, one of the training wheels would lift up off the ground. So, they took the training wheels off.  Unfortunately, his grandson promptly fell and wasn’t interested in riding again for weeks. So…the training dragged on…and on…and was filled with more than a few tears.

Jeff and Eric Lenz met later that year through a mutual friend who painted motorcycles. As they were talking about Harley’s, they learned that Bikers have the same problems as children learning to ride. Training wheels are not really an option for bikers, but wide rear tires help riders learn the skill and offer more grip on the road. Then during a trip to Costa Rica, Eric met with an older couple who were riding Trikes. They did not like them as they took up too much space and really only wanted a little balance support.

Eric and Jeff spent the rest of the winter talking about bikes, learning to ride and how to deliver a solution that would work better for children and adults. They jumped in producing dual-tire prototypes and tested with kids. After receiving rave reviews from parents and selling through their stock, they applied for a patent on the design and Dually Bikes was born.

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