The Better Way to Ride

The dual rear-tire design adds just enough balance support, so the child still learns the most important aspect of riding a bike….BALANCE. The increased surface contact of the dual tiers increases TRACTION.  The design of the Dually wheel both reduces surface contact drag and increases traction on loose surfaces (mud, snow, gravel) for a safer experience.

Start easier, faster and safer all while building confidence and independecnce. Now…that equals FUN!

Start Safer:

When new riders take off and are learning to control the bike, it’s not uncommon to go from sidewalk…to curb…. to gravel. The extra traction UNDER the rider’s weight keeps them riding safely.

Start Easier:

Kids don’t have to learn how to steer (while on training wheels) to avoid the bike tipping as one training wheel pops off the ground with each turn. They learn the right way…right away.

Start Faster:

Learning to ride with Training Wheels is not the same as learning to ride without them. Why learn twice. After all, most kids know how to petal. Jump right on Dually Bike and learn in minutes.

Build Confidence:

Kids build confidence in their own abilities versus confidence in training wheels that fail. The dual-rear tire design makes it more natural to learn to ride.

Forget the Training Wheels
Learning to Ride has never been Easier!

Dually Bikes have dual tire rear wheels to help riders balance without training wheels. The innovative design makes it more natural to learn to ride. Once they are on their own, the extra traction makes Dually Bikes the choice for riding on gravel, fields and even snow. The training bike that becomes the cool bike. Dually Bikes are for everyone.