We are proud of Dually bikes.
These are just a few comments we received from satisfied customers.

I watched my husband teach our 5 year old how to ride a Dually and it was just a joy to see!

My Autism challenged 6 year old is finally able (and HAPPY!) to ride a bicycle.

This was a lot easier than it was teaching my firstborn.

My son wants to ride his new Dually at the Green Bay Packers training camp ride-along.

My daughter was a little to short to reach the pedals, but grandpa made blocks for the pedals and now she’s loving it!

This turned into a neighborhood event. Kids from up the block and down the block wanted to ride the Dually. Most of them already knew how to ride a bike, but they had a blast on this thing.

My neighbor just ordered a Dually after watching me teach my son how to ride.

This has to be the easiest way to learn 2 ride a bicycle. One morning my son and I just went to it and it only took a very short time until he was riding down the sidewalk on his own. Now we’re going to attach a flag to the push bar and let him ride in the 4th of July parade in the Village Center.

My friend suggested this for my granddaughter, and when I saw it, I thought it was so cool, she was going to have it! She was hesitant to try riding, but when her brother jumped on it and took off, that was ALL she wanted. With that little bit of competition, she made herself attempt to ride. She’s a natural on that thing. Her brother steals it sometimes, tho.