Forget training wheels.

Dually bikes are the ridiculously simple way for beginners just learning to ride.
With the added balance from the remarkable patent pending dual wheel design,
ALL riders start peddling sooner than ever before, often within minutes!

Choose the Dually Bike that is right for you.

Easy Rider 12

Easy Rider 12"

The Easy Rider 12" inch bike allows new riders to quickly gain confidence in their ability. In one of our tests a child was able to maneuver the 12 inch Dually bike in just 20 minutes with little help. When your child rides a Dually they will quickly learn that they can lean into the turns and focus on the pavement ahead.
Age recommendation: 3 to 5 years.
Duo 16

Duo 16"

After your youngster has learned to ride they will want to take their skill to a whole new level. The Duo 16 inch Dually Bike has the same great features as the Dually 12 inch bike but with the capacity for larger riders. Rough terrain and obstacles make this bike your best choice for slightly bigger or more experienced riders.
Age recommendation: 4 to 7 years.
Sport 20

Sport 20"

Our newest model is the Sport 20 inch Dually bike. We know you are as excited as we are to get your hands on this 20 inch Dually. We designed this Dually bike for rugged use by novice and experienced riders.
Age recommendation: 6 to 12 years.
MKE Explorer 26

MKE Explorer 26"

The MKE Explorer 26 inch Dually bike is built with the same great features as our smaller models. The MX Explorer is designed for veteran riders. These bikes have lower tire to surface resistance than one of those ugly "fat tire" bikes that you see people pushing rather than riding all the time. You can ride longer and farther on a 26 inch Dually Bike with less effort!
Age recommendation: 10 years and older.

Dually bikes look like they have only two wheels from a distance but when you get close you will see the exciting new design isn't just different.

It's better!

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