Forget the Training Wheels
Learning to Ride has never been Easier!

Dually Bikes have dual tire rear wheels to help riders balance without training wheels.
The innovative design makes it more natural to learn to ride.
Once they are on their own, the extra traction makes Dually Bikes the choice for riding on gravel, fields and even snow.
The training bike that becomes the cool bike.
Dually Bikes are for everyone.

Welcome to the STOPPING business of Dually Bikes LLC.
We are closing out our entire inventory of bikes at below cost.

Choose a Standard Dually Bike 16″ as shown $79 plus $30 shipping or a scratch and dent Dually Bike (minor imperfections) $59 plus $30 shipping. Fully operational bikes!
All bikes brand new but all sales final, as is, no returns.

We can no longer support the operations during this health crisis. Along with the new tariffs, our supply chain is broken.
We are stopping business, not going out of business. But, we cannot support an ongoing business at this time.
We hope you come back in the future!

Note: We discovered that there is a larger market for ADULT Dually Bikes than we ever realized, so in the future, when we start back up, we’ll focus more effort there.

Thank you for your interest in Dually Bikes!
Jeff and Eric

Learn Faster….Many learn in minutes
Be Safer with More Traction
Get more Confidence
Be more Independent

Dually Bikes aren’t just great for learning to ride.
The added balance and traction is great for off road riding, tricks and a boost of confidence to be adventurous. And they look COOL!


Duo 16

Plus $30 Shipping

Dually Bikes is the best way to learn to ride. The revolutionary dual tire rear wheel design delivers exceptional performance, low tire to surface resistance and increased confidence in younger riders. Whether it’s riding in the park on a paved walkway or going “Off Road” into the grass this bike gives riders of all ages the ability to ride more safely.

Free Shipping in lower 48 states. Only available in USA.