DUO 16


Dually Bikes is the best way to learn to ride. The revolutionary dual tire rear wheel design delivers exceptional performance, low tire to surface resistance and increased confidence in younger riders. Whether it’s riding in the park on a paved walkway or going “Off Road” into the grass this bike gives riders of all ages the ability to ride more safely.

Adults will appreciate the custom proprietary design of the guidance handle to help young riders gain confidence and will soon remove it to allow them more freedom or leave it attached to fly a flag or banner. Unlike glider or balance bikes, Dually bikes are long-lasting — and the dual-tire makes it the cool bike to keep riding on for off-road performance as your rider grows in their confidence.

Shipping to all lower 48 U.S States.

Age recommendation: 4 to 8 years.

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Dually Bikes

New Dually Bike, Slightly dented and scratched and maybe some surface rust


DUO 16

Forget Training Wheels They are actually an impediment to learning to ride a bicycle. Instead, Dually Bikes is the ridiculously simple way for beginners just learning to ride. With the added balance from the remarkable patent pending dual wheel design, ALL riders start pedaling sooner than ever before, often within minutes!
The Science Balance + Traction = Dual Fun. Although it is somewhat obvious that the extra wheel in the back will help with balance, there is more to it than that. Learn about the science of Dually Bikes.
Don’t Believe Us… “This has to be the easiest way to learn to ride a bicycle. One morning my son and I just went to it and within a short time he was riding down the sidewalk on his own. “  See the reviews
Learn Faster
Why learn training wheels and learn wrong and then learn again without them. Do it faster with Dually.
Be Safer
Kids don’t rely on training wheels that can tip and fall. They have added balance support.
Be more Confident 
Kids are more confident in the added support, but also makes them learn to balance on their own.
After all…what’s the best part about learning to ride a bike, but to be able to ride on your own. Many kids are off on their own within minutes.
Dually Bikes aren’t just great for learning to ride. The added balance and traction is great for off road riding, tricks and a boost of confidence to be adventurous. And they look COOL!