A. Yes, they attach and work the same. However, we don’t think you’ll need or want them. Dually provides just enough balance support to teach the most important part of riding a bike…Balance.
A. Sometimes it will be easier to have a kick stand, but it is not always needed.
A. Nope. Except the added stability may cause you to want to ride faster 🙂
A. You get it fixed. But, you’ll still be able to ride it to the repair shop to get it fixed! Or, ride it home to fix it. No special tools required.
A. Have you tried those fat tire bikes for sand? Dually works better in sand, grass, gravel and more. Be adventurous.
A. Most of the weight on a standard bicycle rests on the rear wheel, therefore, adding a wheel there is more efficient at adding stability. And, it looks COOLER!
A. Not really. The axle spacing is too wide for the standard single tire. Besides, there is really no reason to make the change.
A. The beauty of Dually Bikes is that not only are the designed to make learning to ride, easier, safer and DUAL fun…but the added dual-tire power makes off road riding, tricks and adventure DUAL fun, too. Coming soon are Dually Bikes for grownups who might want added balance or traction. After all, EVERYONE loves to have DUAL the fun.
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